Randal Lee is a dynamic speaker and writer with a passion for Jesus and unity. While Randal makes his home in Brandon, MS, he has spent much of his time in ministry traveling and speaking at  churches and public schools  all over the country. His heart for the youth of the nation and to see souls saved is evident in all he does. From using his social media platform, writing  articles, video encouragement or preaching, the goal is the same, to draw souls to Jesus. Having experienced loss and rejection in his own life, he understands how to communicate with those that find themselves far from Christ. His mission is to let people know that God approves of them and they need not seek the worlds approval. Randal speaks from a place of humility that can only come from daily relationship with God.  Randal’s desire to be authentic in his teaching causes him to use careful wisdom and discernment in his gifting. When hearing Randal speak you can expect to hear from the voice of God because he approaches the pulpit with a prayerful heart. The goal is to bring lasting change to the nation and not just momentary edification.