Faith V Fear

Faith over Fear is a statement that we hear all of the time, in fact we encourage those we value with this statement often. But when you go through a trial or a circumstance that seems unbearable the natural thing we all do is react in Fear! The media is constantly trying to throw Fear at us in all different forms! What if we responded in Faith V Fear? How would this make a huge impact in your life?, and the struggles you are enduring  as a whole? There have been many times in my life when i didn’t know how that bill was going to get paid or how i was going to get gas to go to work! As I look back at all of those fearful moments I now see that I overcame them with faith and responded to God in faith through prayer! Believing His promises and standing on His word! I encourage you to pray those big bold prayers once again, come boldly to God, and take the Lord at his word and receive what He desires to give you! We get nothing when we don’t ask! Many don’t ask because they assume God knows all and even though that is true, He still wants us to come to Him boldly to activate our  faith! Faith V Fear means a lot to me because i have been in many scary moments where i was like God where are you? Why did you leave me God? And it was in my lowest point that God spoke and reminded  me how much of a good good father He is! What are you needing from the father today? Is it healing? Is it a  miracle? What is that mountain that is staring at you? For me my mountain was divorce and the feeling of being alone and not wanted, feeling hopeless and like I failed! But then God stepped in and in my struggle He said i have approved you Randal! Allow Him to mend the brokenness in your heart and realize that His love for you is great! Fath V Fear for me is a choice not just a statement! I will not allow fear to have dominion over me and the plans that God has for me any longer! Know that you have been approved by God and He sees you as beautiful and He paid the ultimate price to prove it for all humanity.

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